Ceramic Structured Packing – Excellent Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Ceramic structured packing has similar structure with grid structured packing, which is composed of several smooth surface corrugated sheets in 60° or 45°. The neighbor corrugated sheets are placed oppositely and then assembled into packs with geometric structure.

Compared with metal structured packing, the ceramic structured packing has better corrosion and rust resistance performance and high temperature resistance performance than metal structured packing.

Additional, ceramic structured packing has high separating efficiency, low pressure drop, increased operating elasticity and maximum liquid treatment.

Commonly, the ceramic structured packing is made into round packs to suit the columns and other towers. It can be made into several separated modules for easy transporting and assembling for large diameter structured packings.

A piece of ceramic structured packing is placed on the carton.
CSP-01: Integral modules for small diameter ceramic structured packing.
Several ceramic structured packing modules are being combined into round shape.
CSP-02: Separated modules for large diameter ceramic structured packing.
Three pieces of ceramic structured packings are pile up in different diameters.
CSP-03: Different diameters to suit distillation columns.
A semicircle, a round and a rectangular ceramic structured packing on the ground.
CSP-04: Different shapes for different applications.
Several ceramic structured packing modules are piled in the warehouse.
CSP-05: We have lots of standard specs ceramic structured packings in stock.
Two pieces of ceramic structured packings are placed in the carton.
CSP-06: All the structured packings are perfect packed to protect good condition during transportation.


  • High capacity.
  • High separation efficiency.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Large flexibility.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Alkali and acid resistance.


  • Rectify organic halide.
  • Rectify and absorb some corrosive mixtures/
  • Absorb nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid and purify the chemical air.
  • Used as catalyst carrier in heat exchanger.
Table 1: Chemical Composition of Ceramic Structured Packing
SiO2 Fe2O3 CaO Al2O3 MgO Other
≥72% ≤0.5% ≤1.0% ≥23% ≤1.0% 2%
Table 2: Common Specs of Ceramic Structured Packing
Item Model Specific Surface
Bulk Density
Voidage Ratio
Pressure Drop
CSPS-01 125Y 125 320 90 1.8
CSPS-02 160Y 160 370 85 2
CSPS-03 250Y 250 420 80 2
CSPS-04 350Y 350 170 78 2.5
CSPS-05 400Y 400 500 75 3
CSPS-06 450Y 450 520 72 4
CSPS-07 550Y 550 620 74 5.5
CSPS-08 700Y 700 650 72 6
CSPS-09 100X 100 280 92 1.5
CSPS-10 125X 125 300 90 1.8
CSPS-11 160X 160 350 85 2
CSPS-12 250X 250 380 80 2.5
CSPS-13 350X 350 450 78 3
CSPS-14 400X 400 480 75 4
CSPS-15 450X 450 500 72 4.5
CSPS-16 470X 470 440 75 5
CSPS-17 550X 550 620 74 5.5
CSPS-18 700X 700 650 72 6

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