Sheet Metal Packing – Whole Pack for Small Diameter and Modules for Large Diameter

Sheet metal packing gets greater surface area per cubic foot than random packing of equal capacity. A series of perforated vertical corrugated layers make up each packing element. Gas/liquid is spread and distributed radially from layer to layer within the element. Surface texturing on the sheet metal further enhances wettability and mass transfer. Installed in opposing 90°-rotated sections, these elements promote thorough mixing and even gas/liquid distribution across the radius of the tower. Wiper bands throughout the packing prevent fluid from migrating between the packing and vessel wall.

A sheet plate structured packing has two metal clips.
Sheet metal packing is suitable for close boiling components distillation.
A round sheet metal structured packing with three clips and many small holes.
Sheet metal packing can be used in vacuum distillation system.


  • Material: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, etc.
  • Specific surface areas: 125 m2/m3, 175 m2/m3, 200 m2/m3, 250 m2/m3, 300 m2/m3, 350 m2/m3, 500 m2/m3.


  • Its high mass transfer surface area is suitable for close boiling components distillation due to shorter columns.
  • Its structured arrangement ensures no channeling of liquid and requires minimum liquid redistribution.
  • Due to its very low pressure drop, it is recommended for vacuum distillation systems.
  • It has higher vapour load capacity as compared to random packing and trays.
  • It provides low liquid hold-up.


  • Refinery columns (atmospheric and under vacuum).
  • Petrochemical columns.
  • Natural gas glycol dehydration.
  • Wastewater treatment stripping columns.
  • Atmospheric pressure and high pressure columns.

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