Structured Packing – Metal, Ceramic or Plastic in Plate and Wire Gauze Type

Structured packing refers to a range of specially designed pack in different geometric structure and different materials. It is widely used in absorption and distillation columns and chemical reactors.

Structure of structured packing

Structured packing is consists of thin metal plate sheets or wire gauze. The plates or wire gauze are corrugated or perforated and then assembled into packs to form an very open honeycomb complicated paths, which will force fluids passing through and creates a large contacting area between different phases. Additional, the honeycomb structure in inclined flow channels supplies very high surface area but very low resistance to gas flow. These make the structured packing has significant performance in low pressure and low irrigation rate applications.

  • A part of grid structured packing are placed on the ground.

    Grid structured packing

    Composed of several corrugated plates sheet with smooth surface. The corrugated plates are full-welded into rigid and solid pack to be used in fouling, erosion, coking and high solids content.

  • Protruded plate structured packing

    Steel sheets are perforated very thin holes with thorn on the corrugated surface. Then the plates are assembled into packs to supply excellent separation performance and large liquid flow.

    A piece of stainless steel protruded plate structured packing on the gray background.
  • A hand is holding a piece of perforated plate structured packing.

    Perforated plate packing

    Consists several thin steel sheets. The steel sheets are perforated and then corrugated into packs for evenly liquid distribution and good surface wettability in high liquid loading applications.

  • Two pieces of plate plastic structured packing in different diameter on the gray background.

    Ceramic structured packing

    Made of several geometric corrugated sheets. It has high filtering and separating efficiency and better corrosion and high temperature resistance performance than steel structured packing.

  • Wire gauze structured packing

    Steel wires are woven through plain, twill or dutch weave into gauze panels and then corrugated and assembled into packing to provide convenient conditions for distilling separation.

    A small pieces of wire gauze packing is placed on the table.
  • Two pieces of semicircle ceramic corrugated structured packing with different diameter on the gray background.

    Plastic structured packing

    Plastic structured packing has plate type and wire gauze type. It has lightweight, large capacity and low pressure drop characteristics to be used in purify and environmental protection fields.

Advantages of structured packing

  • Low pressure drop.
  • Large contacting surface area.
  • High separation and filtering efficiency.
  • High capacity.
  • Reduced liquid hold-up performance.
  • Corrosion and high temperature resistance.

Applications of structured packing

  • Fine chemicals.
  • Solvent recovery.
  • Chemical product refining.
  • Atmospheric rectification.
  • Vacuum rectification.

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