Wire Gauze Packings – Woven Meshes for High Separation Efficiency

Metal wire gauze structured packing is an important milestone of the development of clear and neat filling. This kind of filling consists of arranged wire mesh pieces pressed into corrugation. Obliquity of corrugation is 45° or 60° and the neighbor two pieces are of opposite directions. When filling into the column, upper and lower filling trays cross by 90. It has advantages of high effectiveness, low pressure drop and large flow rate. This product includes BX, CY types, generally used in vacuum distillation, normal pressure distillation and absorption processes of matters hard to separate or thermal sensitive.

The key advantage of wire gauze structured packing is the high separation efficiency even at very small liquid loads along with its low pressure drop and small liquid hold-up, making it very suitable for distillation of thermally sensitive products.

A round wire gauze structured packing on the ground.
Metal wire gauze structured packing can be used in specialty chemical processing.
Metal wire gauze layers are in staggered arrangement.
Metal wire gauze structured packing has excellent transfer efficiency.


  • Surface areas: 250 m2/m3, 500 m2/m3, 750 mm2/m3, 1000 m2/m3, 1200 m2/m3.
  • Material: AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L, carbon steel, etc.
Specification of Metal Wire Gauze Packing
Packing type Specific surface area m2/m3 Bulk density kg/m3 Void volume m3 Pressure drop per plate Pa/n HETP mm Theoretical plate number m-1 F factor m/s0.5 Stage height m
250 (AX) 250 125 0.95 10-40 100 2.5-3 2.5-3.5 5
500 (BX) 500 250 0.90 40 200 4-5 2.0-2.4 3-4
700 (CY) 750 350 0.85 67 400-333 8-10 1.5-2.0 5


  • Large specific surface area, high void ratio and light.
  • Obliquity of gas passage is small and regular, so pressure drop is low.
  • Good radial diffusion and sufficient gas contact.


  • Metal wire gauze packing is used for Fine chemical, flavors factory, isomer separation. The separation of thermally sensitive materials, testing tower and the improvement of tower.
  • 250(AX) Precision rectification for high productive capacity and less theoretical plate number.
  • 500(BX) Vacuum rectification for thermo sensitive system and hard separation system, especially suitable for rectification with pressure lower than 7KPa .
  • 700(CY) Separation of isotopic compound and isomeric compound.
  • Wire gauze structured packing is not suitable for fouling services and strongly corrosive media.

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