Grid Packings – Smooth Surface for Large Surface Area in Distillation Column

Grid structured packing combines high surface area of traditional structured packing and rugged construction of the common grid configuration. It can provide high heat transfer efficiency, high mechanical strength and antifouling characteristics in severe services that are prone to plugging, coking, erosion and containing solids. The smooth surface provides low liquid hold up, reduces the residence time and the possibility of coke formation.

There are two pieces mellagrid structured packing fixed by screw.
GSP-1: Mellagrid structured packing is usually used in fouling environment.
A mellagrid structured packing with diamond shape hole.
GSP-2: Mellagrid structured packing has smooth surface.
There are two kinds of corrugated grid packing which are plate type and thorn type.
GSP-3: F-grid structured packing has less height than common structured packing.
Nutter grid structured packing has two types which are plate type and double herringbone.
GSP-4: Nutter grid structured packing is suitable for coking application.


Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS904L, SS410S, Alloy C276, Alloy 400, etc.

Specification of grid structured packing
Mould 90X 64X 64Y 40Y
Surface area 90 m2/m3 64 m2/m3 64 m2/m3 40 m2/m3
Element height (approx.) 140 mm 220 mm 130 mm 200 mm
Surface structure smooth
Material thickness 0.5-2 mm


  • Suitable for coking and fouling applications due to its geometrical structure and smooth surface.
  • The structure and element height allow for easy cleaning.
  • It can be removed, unscrewed and cleaned with a water jet.
  • Efficient dissipation of temperature.
  • Mechanically robust structure.
  • Much better separation efficiency than traditional grid structured packing.
  • Typical application (oil refineries).


Grid structured packing is used for fouling, erosion, coking and high solids content applications. Such as: crude tower pump-around, vacuum tower pump-around, cracked gas quench towers, FCC main fractionator slurry pump-around, quench towers in steel mill, coker fractionator wash section, atmospheric crude unit wash section, crude vacuum unit wash section, flue gas absorbers/scrubbers.

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