All Types of Structured Packing for Separating and Filtering

Structured Packing

Structured packing, available for metal, plastic and ceramic material for high absorption, distillation and separation efficiency in chemical and pharmacy.

Grid Structured Packing

Grid Structured Packing provides high heat transfer efficiency, high mechanical strength and antifouling characteristics in severe services.

Expanded Metal Prick Corrugated Plate Packing

Expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing is suitable for fields requiring high degree separation such as industry of fine chemicals, solvent recovery and chemical product refining, etc.

Demister Pads

Demister pad, made of steel or plastic knitted meshes has excellent and high efficient filtering performance for gas and liquid.

Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing

Metal perforated plate corrugated structured packing is suitable for chemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, oil refining, petrochemical industry and natural gas industry.

Metal Plate-net Corrugated Packing

Metal plate-net corrugated packing is punched lot of diamond-shaped tiny holes at metal thin slab. Then drawn the plate to appointed specification. It has the excellent wetting ability and separation performance of wire gauze packing.

Metal Structured Packing

Metal structured packing models are perforated plate corrugated packing and corrugated wire gauze packing, smooth or textured surface, perforated or imperforate surface, x-design or y-design with 45°or 60° corrugation angles.

Metal Wire Gauze Structured Packing

Our wire gauze structured packing surface areas are 500, 750, 1000, 1200. Metal wire gauze packing materials include stainless steels, 304, 316, 316L, Carbon steels, Aluminum, copper bronze.

Sheet Metal Packing

Sheet metal structured packing materials are sheet metal SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L. surface areas we supplied are 125, 175, 200, 250, 300, 350, 500m2/m3.

Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic structure packing has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance performance to be used in high corrosive environments for distillation and purifying.

Plastic Structured Packing

Plastic structured packing, wire gauze and plate type, is specialized designed for high temperature and corrosive absorption and scrubber applications.