Expanded Prick Plate Packing – Small Holes for High Filtering Efficiency

Expanded metal prick corrugated packing is perforated very small holes, and then is pushed to corrugated sheet; finally it is assembled to coil. It can improve the wet ability of packing, and it still has the excellent separation performance of wire gauze corrugated packing.

A cylinder expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing has many small holes.
Expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing has high wet ability and excellent separation performance.
A large diameter expanded corrugared packing with one hoop.
Expanded corrugated packing can be used in high degree separation.


Specification of Expanded Metal Prick Corrugated Packing
Packing type Theoretical plate number m-1 Specific surface area (m2/m3) Void volume (m3) Pressure drop (MPa/m) Bulk density (kg/m3) F factor m/s (kg/m3)0.5
250Y 2.5-3 250 0.97 3.0 × 10-4 85-100 1.6
500Y 3-4 500 0.93 2.0 × 10-4 170-200 2.1
700Y 5-7 700 0.85 9.8 × 10-4 240-280 1.6


Expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing is suitable for fields requiring high degree separation, such as industry of fine chemicals, solvent recovery and chemical product refining, etc.

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