Plastic Structured Packing – Wire Gauze and Plate Type for Absorption Applications

Plastic structured packing has similar structure with metal structured packing, which can be divided into plate packings and wire gauze packings. Plastic structured packing can be made of PP, PA, PVDF, CPVC and other plastic materials, which has excellent high temperature resistance performance and corrosion resistance performance. It is an alternative to ceramic structured packing.


  • Wire gauze packings. Wire gauze packings is commonly made of PP or PA materials
  • Plate packings. Plate packings can be perforated plate packings or no perforation packings. Perforated plate packings can supply better mass transfer efficiency and smooth surface plate packings supply good stiffness.
A piece of plastic wire gauze packing on the gray background and we can see the mesh clearly.
PSP-01: Detail of plastic wire gauze packing.
A plastic wire gauze packing on the gray background.
PSP-02: Plastic wire gauze packing.
A piece of plastic perforated plate sheet with round holes on the surface on the gray background.
PSP-03: Detail of plastic perforated plate packing.
A plastic perforated plate packing on the gray background.
PSP-04: Plastic perforated plate packing.


  • High efficiency, high capacity and low pressure drop as metal structured packing.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance performance to be used in high corrosive applications.
  • Better high temperature resistance than metal structured packing and ceramic structured packing. Working temperature of PP packings can reach 100 °C and PVDF packings can reach 150 °C.
  • Perforated plates packings with small holes on surface increase mass transfer efficiency.
  • High sheet stiffness of no perforation packings in less separation requirements applications.
A plastic structured packing is installed on the absorption column.
PSP-05: Plastic structured packing is widely used in the absorption columns.


  • Air separation plant direct contact cooler.
  • Flue gas cooler.
  • Seawater scrubber.
  • HCl absorber.
  • SO2 absorber.
  • ClO/ClO2 scrubber.
  • Deaerators.
Table 1: Common Specs of Plastic Wire Gauze Packings
Item Model Material Mesh Peak Height
Obliquity Specific Area
Void Volume (m3/m3)
PSPW-01 500X PP/PA 40 6.3 30° 450 0.85
PSPW-02 624Y PP/PA 40 4.5 45° 624 0.96
PSPW-03 450X PP/PA 40 6.2 30° 450 0.97
Table 2: Common Specs of Plastic Plate Packings
Item Model Theoretical Plate Number
Specific Area
Void Volume
Bulk Density
Liquid Loading
PSPP-01 125Y 1–2 125 0.985 37.5 0.2–100
PSPP-02 250Y 2–2.5 250 0.97 75 0.2–100
PSPP-03 350Y 3.5–4 350 0.95 105 0.2–100
PSPP-04 500Y 4–4.5 500 0.93 150 0.2–100
PSPP-05 125X 0.8–1.9 125 0.985 37.5 0.2–100
PSPP-06 250X 1.5–2 250 0.97 75 0.2–100
PSPP-07 350X 2.3–2.8 350 0.958 105 0.2–100
PSPP-08 500X 2.8–3.2 500 0.93 150 0.2–100

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