Structured Packing – Grid, Wire Gauze, Perforated and Protruded Types

Metal structured packing is mainly divided into grid structured packing, perforated plate packing, Protruded plate packing and wire gauze packing.

Grid structured packing

Several grid structured packings are piled up in the warehouse.
Grid structured packing features smooth surface and large surface area.

Grid packing is assembled with several steel plates with smooth surface. The plates are directed and then welded or assembled into grid structured packing.

Compared with perforated plates structured packing, it has simple structure and smooth surface for large contacting surface.


  • High flux.
  • Large contacting surface area.
  • High efficiency.
  • Low resistance.


Grid structured packing is mainly applied in small voltage drop and large load.

Perforated plate packing

A piece of perforated plate structured packing are placed on the table.
Perforated plate structured packing features small resistance and high efficiency.

Perforated plate packing is assembled with several metal plate. The plates are perforated with several continuous round holes. The plates are corrugated and assembled into structured packing blocks.


  • Small resistance.
  • Even distribution of gas and liquid.
  • High efficiency.
  • Large flux.


Perforated plate packing is widely used under negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and pressurized condition for distillation and separation.

Wire gauze packing

A piece of wire gauze structured packing are placed on the ground.
Wire gauze structured packing features high efficiency and low pressure drop.

Wire gauze packing is a type of newly popular structured packing. It is widely used and more and more popular since it is developed. The wire gauze packing is made of several pieces of woven wire cloth. The woven wire cloth pieces are corrugated and then assembled into structured packings. The neighbor packing pieces are assembled oppositely.

Corrugation angel can be 30° and 45°. According to different corrugation angle, wire gauze packing is divided into BX and CY types. When installing them into packing, the upper and lower packings are placed stacked in 90°.


  • High efficiency.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Large flux.


It is widely used for vacuum distillation, atmospheric distillation and absorbing process of hardly separating element and thermosensitive substance.

Protruded plate packing

A piece of protruded plate structured packing on the gray background.
Protruded structured packing features excellent lubricating property.

Protruded plate packing is made of several metal plates. The metal plates are perforated with continuous tinny holes in high density. Then they are corrugated and assembled into structured packings. The special hole pattern improves lubricating property and ensure the high filtering performance.


  • Excellent lubricating property.
  • High filtering/separating efficiency.
  • Large flux.

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