Structure Packing Feature

Special surface structure, the structured packing has a good separation efficiency and operated performance.
There is detailed description of structured packing tower features:

Streamline gas feed distributor features:

  1. The flow channel cross section of the gas-liquid mixture flow gradually expand, no mutation part, so the loss is less, air resistance.
  2. After smooth steering flow by the horizontal radial flow down and then upward, so which liquid can be well separated, liquid entrainment is small.
  3. Airflow folded upwardly around the symmetry after reduction, and the inner cylinder to flow upward during the further homogenized, so airflow distribution is better.
  4. The inner tub can selectively install grille fillers, and to further improve the separation efficiency of the packed tower.

Slotted liquid distributor technology features:

  1. The uniform cloth liquid, improve operating flexibility and practical range of the liquid distributor.
  2. Attempts to prevent, improve operating flexibility.
  3. Reduce the pressure drop to ensure uniform distribution of the liquid, and expand free section.
  4. Reduce the gradient of the main grooves liquid flowing.


  1. Airflow resistance is small.
  2. Liquid foam entrainment small.
  3. Anti- blocking.
  4. Easy install, repaired.

Liquid collector description:

  1. Using strip-liter stomatal opening rate, less air resistance, and easy on-site installation.
  2. The main grooves extracting the design reduce the residence time of the liquid to prevent the liquid coked.
  3. Branch trough tilt to the center to promote the flow of liquid to eliminate fluid retention.
  4. Reasonable structure, anti-gas shocks, anti-thermal expansion and contraction.

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