Structured Packing – High Performance for Separation & Distillation

Structured packing is a kind of filler which at uniform geometry arranged and neatly piled in the tower. It is widely used in many fields for large surface area, low pressure drop, uniform fluids, heat and mass transfer efficiency and other advantages.

For example, structured packing is used for extraction column, and the column will be used for extraction of aromatics from oil by a solvent.

We can supply lab structured packing, perforated plate corrugated packing, wire gauze structured packing and so on.

Our structured packing with knitted, perforated and expanded types covers corrugated grid packing, expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing, metal perforated plate corrugated packing, wire gauze structured packing, woven structured packing and sheet metal packing. It can be designed in alkali resistance and acid resistance materials. Our products are well accepted by overseas customers. Structured packings is widely used in spices, pesticides, fine chemical, laboratory, petrochemical and other fields.

Knitted structured packing is made from multiple strands of fine wire that are knitted together in a tubular pattern and then crimped and coiled or layered to provide a three dimensional structure of peak and valleys. The multi-strand fine wire provides a high surface area. This structured packing is suited for applications that demand high separation efficiency with a lower pressure drop, such as, high purity product distillations and solvent and byproduct recovery.

Wire gauze structured packing is manufactured from specially woven wire gauze that is pressed into smooth plates, uniformly perforated, corrugated and stacked with corrugations in alternate directions. This construction promotes intimate gas/liquid contact. The woven structured packing with of high separation efficiency, is used in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

Metal perforated plate corrugated packing is made from perforated plate with channel corrugation on surface. It is formed from vertical sheets of corrugated metal with the angle of the corrugation reversed in adjacent sheets to form an open structure with inclined flow channel. The packing has advantages such as high capacity, low resistance, high mass-transfer efficiency and strong resistance to fouling. It is widely used in unit operations like rectification, absorption and extraction.

Hot Products

Demister pad, made of steel or plastic knitted meshes has excellent and high efficient filtering performance for gas and liquid.

Structured packing, available for metal, plastic and ceramic material for high absorption, distillation and separation efficiency in chemical and pharmacy.

Expanded metal prick corrugated plate packing is suitable for fields requiring high degree separation such as industry of fine chemicals, solvent recovery and chemical product refining, etc.

Grid Structured Packing provides high heat transfer efficiency, high mechanical strength and antifouling characteristics in severe services.


Jerry Mazur, UK

Filter well

Perforated plate corrugated packing has good filter result, it has high efficiency and large flow rate. I am satisfied about the quality. Customers can buy packing from them safely.


Matt Smith, Washington

Corrosion resistance

316L wire gauze structured packing I bought is very good, it is resistant to corrosion, rust, and filter well. I am very satisfied. I will buy more packings from you.